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Dedicated to improving quality of life through the  compassionate application of expertise and innovation. 

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Institute Mission



Our mission is to improve patient health and neurological performance through the compassionate application of expertise and innovation.

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The Chicago Neuroscience Institute (CNI) is devoted to the evaluation, restoration and enhancement of neurological health and human performance. 

What CNI is Committed to

Centers of Excellence


Emphasis in each Center of excellence is placed upon prevention, early detection, timely intervention and patient education. Special services are offered to support early disease detection and intervention.

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About the institute


The Neurosciences


The human nervous system represents one of the most complicated and unexplored systems within the human body. It provides the biological basis for the perception of our world, for the development of interpersonal relationships, creativity, emotions, and the control of our physical movements. Disorders afflicting the human nervous system can result in cognitive, behavioral and/or physical limitations which compromise the quality of life.

More than 100 million individuals in the United States are afflicted with a neurological disorder and this number will continue to grow due to an aging population and with the growing prevalence of chronic conditions such as diabetes. The Chicago Neuroscience Institute (CNI) is dedicated to contributing to the field of neuroscience and bringing hope and opportunity to individuals with neurological disorders. 


The Chicago Neuroscience Institute


The Chicago Neuroscience Institute (CNI) is a respected healthcare facility committed to excellence in diagnostic neurology and to the enhancement of neurological health and performance. Most of the patients seen at CNI are referred for diagnostic consultation. CNI has served over 300 referring healthcare providers of various disciplines. The Institute revives referrals locally and from areas throughout the country.


The Institute has achieved special recognition for its pioneering work in the field of neuro-orthopedics, an evolving subspecialty within the field of neurology concerned with the relationship between the nervous system and physical performance. The Institute houses a World Class Human Performance Lab, developed to acquire objective measures of cognitive and physical performance. CNI houses six diagnostic divisions and four Centers of Excellence. The six diagnostic divisions are Clinical Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology, Neuroimaging, Neuro-orthopedics, Neurovascular and Autonomic Studies and Neurogenetics and Laboratory Assessment. The CNI Centers of Excellence are the Center for Spinecare, the Center for Human Performance, the Center for Diabetic Neuropathy and the Center for Neurological Health.

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CNI Affiliations


The Chicago Neuroscience Institute (CNI) works with other healthcare facilties and professionals to provide a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach for the diagnosis and/or care of patients with neurological disorders when necessary. CNI staff occasionally refers patients with severe, complicated or unresponsive disorders to specialists at Institutions which also have Neuroscience programs such as the University of Chicago Medical Center, Northwestern University Medical Center, Loyola Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic or Mayo Clinic. CNI has numerous outpatient diagnostic laboratory accounts with facilities which include Quest Diagnostics and Mayo Clinic.

when to refer someone to cNI

What draws patient and physician referrals to the institute?

Affordable Screening & Educational Opportunities


The Chicago Neuroscience Institute prioritizes the prevention, early detection and timely care of cardiovascular, neurologic and related disorders. To help achieve this goal CNI developed the Tests4Life screening program to serve patients and the community. The screening program offers patients and the public a healthcare advantage. Healthcare (Tests4Life) screenings are only offered to patients of the Chicago Neuroscience Institute at this time. 

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Neurological Consultation & Second Opinions


Spine disorders, as well as, neurological and related conditions can be complex, resulting in numerous treatment options. This often results in challenging decisions for the patient and their healthcare providers. CNI has the relationships, technology, expertise and compassion to provide second opinions and decision support. CNI prioritizes conservative and cooperative care in the process.

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Human Performance Evaluation & Enhancement


 CNI houses a World Class Human Performance Lab (HPL) to quantify physical limitations and variables of human performance related to neurological health. Lab results are used to help set goals for therapeutic intervention and to assess treatment outcome. Lab results may also be used to enhance neurological potential and to improve sports performance. 

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special Services offered at the institute

our director


David H. Durrant, BS, DC, (PhD Candidate), DABCN, FACSP

Dr. David Durrant is a recognized authority in the fields of neurology and spinecare. Dr. Durrant is a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist and currently serves as Director of the Chicago Neuroscience Institute (CNI). He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Anatomy and Physiology prior to receiving his Doctorate in Chiropractic, Cum Laude, from Logan College of Chiropractic. His post-doctoral training in neurology was completed through Logan College and New York Chiropractic College. Dr. Durrant completed a neurology residency and achieved board certification. He has actively maintained Diplomate Status with the American Board of Chiropractic Neurology, under the auspices of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board. Dr. Durrant has also achieved prestigious Fellow Status with the American College of Spine Physicians and Fellow status with International Academy of Chiropractic Neurology. Dr. Durrant is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Health Services, with emphasis on the applications artificial intelligence in neuroimaging.  

Dr. Durrant has over 25 years of experience in practice which has involved the integration of clinical neurology, neurophysiology, neurogenetics, neuroimaging, and molecular diagnostics. He designed and developed a state-of-the art Human Performance and Gait Lab which is housed at CNI. Dr. Durrant served as an Advisor to the Board of the Marine Military Academy to help implement technologically advanced physical performance measures. 

Dr. Durrant is a founding member and officer with the American Academy of Spine Physicians and serves on the Academy Council. He represents the United States on the Board of the International Spine Association (ISA). Dr. Durrant is an accomplished neuroscience author and editor having authored numerous articles and textbook chapters in the field of neurology. He is the principal author and co-editor of the textbook titled, MYELOPATHY, RADICULOPATHY AND ENTRAPMENT AND SYNDROMES, a benchmark publication in neurology. Dr. Durrant has lectured for many academic venues throughout the country. He is often asked to speak on topics related to emerging trends in neurology and spinecare.

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Innovations at the institute

Our Commitment to the Application of Leading-Edge Technology

The Institute consistently investigates the availability of new technology and effective evaluation protocols in order to maintain the necessary advantages in diagnosing neurological disease. The Institute is committed to using telecardiology, teleradiology and teleophthalmology services to access remote expert decision support The Institute is also committed to adopting computational decision-support in the form of artificial intelligence (AI) in various areas when it has been shown to improve the delivery of care.

More than 3,000 diagnostic procedures are performed in our neuroscience divisions annually. Among them are innovative approaches to assessing and correlating advanced imaging data to clinical neurophysiologic and human performance measures. The use of leading-edge technologies offers CNI staff the advantages required to provide superior care. At the Chicago Neuroscience Institute, we continually advance our approaches to enhance the level of care we can deliver. The Institute has pioneered many diagnostic approaches in the Chicago land area. CNI is proud of the following accomplishments. 

  • One of the first neurology centers to incorporate a world class human performance lab to quantitatively assess gait, movement disorders and musculoskeletal complications associated with neurological disorders. 
  • One of the first neurology centers to adopt the autonomous application of artificial intelligence (AI) for the purpose of screening for diabetic retinopathy (small vessel disease).
  • Pioneering investigation of the instance and relationship between small blood vessel disease in the eye and small blood vessel disease in the brain. 
  • Innovative applications of radiomics in brain and spinal cord imaging. 
  • Early adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) system for decision-support in neurology. 
  • Development of unique non-invasive screening protocols for stroke risk.
  • Breakthrough applications of diagnostic telemedicine solutions (telecardiology and tele-ophthalmology).      
  • Recognized for expertise and new applications in peripheral neurosonography.
  • Investigation of the potential role of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in neuroimaging and neurorehabiliation. 


Human Performance Lab

commitment to Research and education

Neuroscience Research



Neuroscience research at the Chicago Neuroscience Institute (CNI) is used to help identify and design effective diagnostic profiles and protocols for the assessment of neurological disorders, cardiovascular risk and human performance. It also addresses the potential use of computerized decision support such as artificial intelligence (AI) in clinical and diagnostic settings. 

CNI houses a computer system linked with an international network of informational databases and data analysis solutions. CNI has access to technology which supports radiomics and 3-D assessment of in vivo pathology via imaging. CNI also has access to special workstations used for 3D image reconstruction which aids in the staging of disease. 

Research goals at CNI include:

  • improving the quality of diagnostic services at the institute.  
  • increasing access to remote experts and computation decision support. 
  • exploration of new applications for artificial intelligence in neuroimaging.
  • preparing educational resources for professionals, patients and the public.
  • establishing CNI as a highly-respected regional center for diagnostic neurology.
  • discovering new methods for the assessment neurological  recovery.
  •  finding clinically relevant applications for augmented reality    (AR) and virtual reality (VR). 

Educational Facilities at the Institute



CNI has a dedicated teaching and conference center. The center is often used to present clinical symposia (mini-seminars) for physicians of various disciplines. The educational facilities are also used by CNI staff to hold clinical (neuroscience) round table discussions of challenging clinical cases and to present educational programs to patients and the public.The conference room and computers are configured to promote an “intimate” relationship between instructors and symposia participants with:

  •  on screen displays of real-time data from simulations and animation.
  •  display, capture, and manipulation of data used by the instructor.
  •  multi-way “virtual” conversations via video teleconferencing
  •  Large format internet access

CNI educational center control systems include the capacity to manipulate room lighting, modulate surround sound and position a retractable projection screen from a panel on the wall. Through the use of hand held and/or podium controls, presenters are able to control the motorized projection screen, room lighting, the LCD projector, slide converters, podium computer, sound sources, video player, slide projectors, video mixer, room camera, portable video teleconferencing console and laserdisc DVD player.


Projected Future Facility

Chicago Neuroscience Plans to Expand in the Future


There are plans to develop a freestanding Neuroscience facility in the Chicago area that will house the Chicago Neuroscience Institute. Planning and feasibility studies are in the early phases. The projected appearance of the Institute is below. 

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