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Why physicians choose CNI?



There are many reasons why physicians and other healthcare providers choose to send their patients to the Chicago Neuroscience Institute (CNI) for neurological evaluation and diagnostic consultation. Some of the reasons are listed below:  


About the Institute

Experienced Staff:

 CNI chooses its staff carefully, taking into account their educational background, their medical skills, their passion and their ability to work as a team. Some of the CNI provers have become experts in their field and have achieved national recognition. The CNI health system supports its staff by offering "in house" continuing education programs. CNI also provides its staff with leading-edge technology and decision-support solutions to help deliver optimum care to patients every day.

Interdisciplinary Neurology Team:

 CNI has a unique interdisciplinary diagnostic team comprised of specialists of various healthcare disciplines. The diagnostic team members have diverse subspecialties and interests within the broader field of neuroscience. This leads to a compatible and integrated team approach to the evaluation and care of patients with neurological disorders and related complications.   

Emphasis on Human Performance:

 CNI is dedicated to the evaluation and enhancement of human physical performance. To help achieve this goal CNI houses a World Class Human Performance Lab (HPL) within the Division of Neuro-orthopedics. The lab uses the latest technology and techniques to quantitatively measure attributes of physical performance such as sensation, coordination, strength, power, range of motion, reaction time and balance. The findings are used to develop goals and solutions for improving performance.   

Focus on Conservative Care:

 Say some The CNI staff strives to implement new and effective conservative methods for treating neurological and related musculoskeletal conditions. CNI patients are frequently among the first to benefit from leading-edge approaches in conservative and cooperative spinecare.  thing interesting about your business here. 

Focus on Prevention

CNI is committed to promoting health and the prevention of neurological compromise and related complications. The Institute offers periodic screenings and educational opportunities which address disease prevention, early detection risk modification and risk reduction.   


Commitment to Referring Physicians

One of CNI’s primary goals is to provide diagnostic assistance to referring 

healthcare providers; thereby, enhancing their potential to meet the needs of 

their patients.


We help physicians put the pieces of the puzzle together...

The Chicago Neuroscience Institute (CNI) welcomes the opportunity to serve physicians and other healthcare provider of all disciplines. The CNI staff  is dedicated to assisting referring providers by offering  neurological consultation, disease monitoring, periodic outcome measures and patient resources. The diagnostic consultation process helps to:

  • identify and characterize neurological disease 
  • provide an accurate neurological diagnosis 
  • identify neurological complications 
  • help institute emergent care when required 
  • provide therapeutic direction
  • provide evidence based follow up
  • develop a personalized treatment plan


educational RESOURCES & services



 The Chicago Neuroscience Institute (CNI) provides periodic symposia for healthcare professionals. Most of the programs are provided onsite. Many of the programs are designed to address emerging “need-to-know topics in one hour or less.  Upcoming educational programs are listed below. 

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The Institute is committed to informing referring physicians and local healthcare providers about the adoption of new technologies and the addition of new services. This goal is achieved through various methods including online alerts and updates.

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cni healthcare network

Physician referral resources

Healthcare providers of many disciplines refer patients for neurologic consultation to CNI. The Institute has developed numerous resources which can be used by healthcare providers to assist in the referral process. This includes referral forms, special instructions and brochures. 

clinical guides


The Institute is devoted to educating referring physicians and local healthcare providers about the evaluation, recognition and care of neurological disorders and diseases. To help achieve this goal the Institute develops and makes available quick reference clinical guides. Some of the available guides can be downloaded from   this website.



The Chicago Neuroscience Institute (CNI) has a wide range of employment opportunities. The Institute employs personnel with skills in such areas such as cardiac ultrasound, musculoskeletal ultrasound, peripheral vascular testing, electrodiagnostic assessment, human performance testing, phlebotomy, medical assisting, reception, patient accounts billing, patient accounts receivable, marketing, and in numerous other areas

Periodically, CNI has employment opportunities available for both clinical and non-clinical positions. If you are interested in pursuing employment with CNI please forward a cover letter stating your interests along with a current resume to the CNI Human Resource Office at the address listed below. If you have any questions you may contact ta Human Resource Representative. 

Office of Human Resource

Chicago Neuroscience Institute 

1795 Grandstand Place

Elgin, Illinois 60123



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